Primalac premium PRE

Enriched with Prebiotics (GOS), nucleotides, LCPUFA (DHA and ARA), and iron Gluten free.

An innovative composition meets the latest European recommendations.

  • Protein Ratio: Casein / Whey = 20/80: better digestibility and better absorption
  • Protein content adapted to renal immaturity premature.
  • Partially hydrolyzed protein
  • Sugaring adapted to the inability of infants to digest lactose (lactase deficiency): 50% Lactose 50% Maltodextrin.
  • Prebiotics (GOS): bifidogenic effect for a good transit
  • 5 types of nucleotides: enhanced immunity
  • Essential fatty acids (LA and ALA) and LCPUFA (DHA and ARA): neurosensory and intellectually optimal development
  • Antioxidants: Selenium …