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... exemplary in quality
Pharmalys Laboratories products made from Swiss raw materials using fresh milk produced in Switzerland contribute to the health and well-being of babies and children in more than 50 countries.
Our infant formulas are made from 100% fresh Swiss milk in Switzerland, country # 1 according to EPI 2018
Index ranks 180 countries on 24 performance indicators across ten issue categories covering environmental health and ecosystem vitality:
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Environmental Health (Air Quality, Water & Sanitation, Heavy Metals / Lead Exposure).
  • Ecosystem Vitality (Biodiversity & Habitat, Forests / Tree Cover Loss, Fisheries, Climate & Energy, Air Pollution, Water Resources / Wastewater Treatment, Agriculture / Sustainable Nitrogen Management).
At the top of the rankings, Switzerland leads the world in the 2018 EPI with a score of 87.42 in overall environmental performance. Switzerland's top ranking reflects strong performance across most issues, especially Climate & Energy and Air Pollution. Within Environmental Health, Switzerland also stands out in Water & Sanitation. This confirms the high Swiss quality of raw materials and product.


Full cycle production:
from milk to dry mixes
Cows are milked twice a day. Milk comes directly from the milking machine to the milk tank, where it is cooled to 3 - 4 ° С. The milk producer is responsible for the subsequent regular cleaning of the milking machine after each milking procedure.
Milk tanker collects milk directly from the farm every two days. The driver takes a quality reference sample from each milk tank. The first quality check is carried out upon arrival at the factory. Several monthly checks are made for each farm based on various criteria, such as bacterial growth, cell count, inhibitors and freezing points.
Dozens of milk tankers deliver their precious cargoes to one of our numerous points every day.
A control sample is taken from each delivery. Incoming milk control includes a sensory test for appearance, smell and taste, as well as a rapid test for inhibitors (antibiotic) and temperature. The milk comes from a milk tanker to intermediate storage and is processed on the same day.
The first step is to stabilize the milk in a centrifuge, which regulates the fat content of the milk. That allows you to balance the seasonal fluctuations in the content of milk fat. Stabilization is accompanied by pasteurization, which includes a short, protective heat treatment. What kills pathogenic bacteria and deactivates enzymes that may have adverse effects on fats or protein content in dry milk during storage.
Filtration breaks down the milk into natural ingredients using molecular filters. Then it can be adapted and used as optimally as possible in compounding recipes. As a result of this process there is concentrated lactose and milk proteins.
Stabilized milk smoothly condenses to 50% dry matter in the process of exhaust procedure under vacuum and exposure to a temperature of about 50 ° C. Experts call this evaporation or concentration. As a result, we obtain high-quality milk concentrate.
Various ingredients are mixed at a mixing plant to obtain the final product (milk concentrates, fats and other additives).
The sequence in which the mixtures are added, the temperature and the amount of time are crucial for the final properties of the powered infant formulas.
The product is rehomogenized before spray drying, so that the fats and other additives are mixed equally with the milk. Depending on the specific requirements, the "wet formula" is again subjected to mulching, pasteurization or ultra-pasteurization
Powered infant formulas are produced during the spray drying process. The mixed concentrate is sprayed as a mist at the top of the cylindrical spray tower. The surface area of the droplets increases significantly, which leads to the rapid removal of moisture. Air purified and heated to 200 ° C is blown through the spray tower. The drops slowly settle and the water evaporates. Spray drying is a very gentle drying method, since the evaporation of water cools the milk substance, and the powder itself does not receive much heat.
Then the formula is dried using a continuous tape. Powdered infant formula is well soluble in water.
Infant formulas is packed in cans using the unique technology Single Can Security (SCS). Our product is ready for the most beloved babies!
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